KRISTINA BILLE AGENT +45 40 83 31 26
Kristina has worked for Best Way Management since the beginning of 2015. Kristina is in charge of female handball within BWM. With her background from the Danish national team and top clubs in Denmark and abroad, Kristina has the best possible conditions to advice the players concerning career planning. Kristina has an education as Master of Business Administration in management and leadership.
RASMUS SKRAM AGENT +45 27 57 09 75
Rasmus has been a part of Best Way Management since the beginning of 2014. Since then he has played an important role in the positive development that BWM experiences. Rasmus has a background as a player at toplevel in both Denmark and Sweden. This gives him the best possible conditions in guiding the players in the best possible way. Rasmus has an education as Master of Business Administration in organization and strategy.
SØREN LINDHOLT AGENT +45 24 87 50 55
Søren has been an employee at Best Way Management since January 2018. Søren advises the handball players of the future and he has a special gift of spotting talents. As a result of his own background of being a handball player an his studies as market economist he has an excellent ability of relating to the players day to day life.
Maiken was hired by Best Way Management at the beginning of 2021, as we needed extra resources to support our growth. Maiken has a master's degree from Aarhus University and has competencies in organizational development. In addition, she has a great passion for handball and has played for many years and coached several youth teams.
Sofus became part of Best Way Management in September 2021, as we want to be a digital first mover and focus on the players' commercial activities. Sofus has a master's degree in economics and IT from Aarhus University and therefore has the prerequisites for this. He has played youth handball in Aalborg Handball and therefore also understands the handball players' focus and everyday life.